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Don’t mind me. I’m just a Sakura fan.

My encounter with a fellow Naruto fan—a coworker:

This was an all around bad idea on my part. I usually don’t talk about Naruto simply because things literally go downhill from this statement: Sakura is my favorite character.

Well, as expected, things did go downhill very quickly.

After telling my coworker that Sakura was my favorite, he immediately said “Sakura is such a dumb character”.

His reasoning wasn’t very clear about why she was dumb, as nothing in the series could prove that to be factual, but he then went on to say how she still loved Sasuke.

Ugh, right?

Well, I went on to tell him about how if he didn’t discredit and dislike Sakura so much, perhaps he wouldn’t have missed her subtle and not-so-subtle developments that prove her worth as a character and her dying love for Sasuke. I also went on to say how practically everything she’s been doing throughout Shippuden has been for Team 7, but mostly for Naruto’s sake.

He did not enjoy that. Nor did he enjoy hearing that I am waiting for Naruto and Sakura to get together. Okay, that’s fine and dandy. But then Hinata got brought into the discussion and it ruffled my feathers. I actually said how I understand that Westerners often miss Kishi’s intent with Sakura and can fall for the helpess and hopeless Hinata. Yes, read on and you’ll see why I call her that.

Let me tell you how fabricated and delusional NHs are.

Argument 1: Hinata died for Naruto from Pain.

Counterargument: (Slow down and stop.) Hinata didn’t die for being stabbed. Sakura healed her. Sakura cannot bring people back from the dead. (This happened before Pain used Gedo art of Rinne Rebirth)

*parentheses indicate unspoken words that should be obvious*.

Argument 2: Something came out of his mouth that “you just feel so bad for Hinata”. *This is why I say people fall for the helpless damsel in distress. Well, most Westerners anyway. I’d rather read about a strong woman who can stand on her own two feet without needing someoen as a permanent crutch. Hinata falls into category of the age for me when Disney was my biggest interest: grade school.*

Counterargument: So what? There’s literally so much pity I can have for a character for so long until it vanishes. (Just because she loves Naruto doesn’t mean he HAS to requite those feelings).

Argument 3: Neji died and told Naruto to take care of Hinata. He died for Hinata’s sake and the Main Branch.

Counterargument: Neji didn’t die to validate or support NaruHina. He died to protect Hinata, yes, but his reasoning was that Naruto’s life was not his own. That is why the panel of his parents and the others was shown. It was not meant to say “yeah take care of my cousin and be with her because she loves you”.

Argument 4: Here’s where I said Naruto will confess to Sakura eventually and he told me it wasn’t going to happen.

Counterargument: There’s too much build-up to it for it to not happen. (Naruto already said he didn’t want to live with regret, so why wouldn’t he give it a shot? He’s only holding out until he can have Sakura freely choose him over Sasuke and not want him because she can’t have Sasuke. That’s why he was mad at her for lying about her feelings in her confession. It was clear at that point that she wasn’t completely over Sasuke, and she even said that she couldn’t love a criminal, which implies that she couldn’t have him even if she wanted him.)

Argument 5: Sakura loves Sasuke.

Counterargument: Sakura does not love Sasuke in a romantic sense anymore. Her reactions to him since he left and especially during the war have proved that she is getting over him, not to mention depressed with ever liking him to begin with. She doesn’t even trust him anymore. And let’s not forget that Kakashi even observed that she doesn’t have the same feelings for him that she used to.

His continued argument: Yeah, it’s stronger now.

I didn’t need to press this particular topic any further. Would you? It’s an obvious case of willful misreading.

Argument 6: Hinata and Naruto are going to get together.

Counterargument: If Naruto wanted Hinata, why did he, even after learning she loved him and even held her hand on the battlefield, call Sakura his girlfriend? (In Hinata’s vicinity, and to the man he idolizes the most.)

We got busy so he couldn’t respond. Needless to say though, he didn’t have anything further to say on the issue.

Here’s an argument that I raised on my own: Hinata did something important for Naruto, making him stand up for the others because his life is not his own anymore. I agree about that. But that’s just it. It was for the others. Sakura wanted Naruto to stay alive for the simple reason that he had to see his dream come true. Hinata sees Naruto as a hero like everyone else, but Sakura sees Naruto as a human who is vulnerable and can’t shoulder everything alone. (She was supporting him and his dream by pumping his heart to bring him back to life.)

His Counterargument: Sakura wants him to succeed because he’s her teammate.

My finisher: So just because they’re teammates, that means they can’t love one another? That’s just like saying you can’t meet someone in a class you’re taking and be with them.

This is an annoying argument many will raise. It’s like to them it’s literally impossible to fall for someone you spend a lot of time with leisurely or otherwise, work well with, understand better than anyone else could, have been through thick and thin with, fought tooth and nail with/for, and have watched grow for years. Yeah, totally impossible to love someone like that.

He said other things that were a bit upsetting for a Naruto fan to say. He called Kakashi useless not long after I said how he saw that Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke have changed. Apparently now that he doesn’t have the Sharingan, he’s not as important.

Also, he believes Naruto and Sasuke won’t wind up fighting at all despite the build-up to it. This is understandable, but some part of me feels like their particular plot isn’t and won’t be over until they settle things.

At some point, I did tell him that Sasuke only saved Sakura and Kakashi from the Infinite Tsukuyomi this was to prove Sasuke doesn’t care about Sakura in any romantic sense because she was next to Naruto.

I’m not sure what runs through the minds of people like him. To call Sakura dumb isn’t any better than calling her useless, as she is neither of the two considering her outstanding merits, actions, and many, many acknowledgments, but it’s a hard pill to swallow that people think in such strange ways (to put it politely).

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