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Anonymous asked:

Wanna know something awesome about narusaku? You sure? Like sure sure? Ok you win. The most awesome thing as a ns shipper you can latterly watch part 1, part 2 and the movies at any point and feel the strong love naruto has for sakura radiate from him! We are blessed to have a writer like kishi who made one of naruto's most known trait is his love for his comrades and sakura.






As an orphan, I honestly can’t imagine how Naruto feels right now. After so many years of being alone, the chance to have Minato, his FATHER say WELCOME HOME to him?!

We heard from Naruto in the Road to Ninja movie how he always wanted to exchange the traditional japanese ‘Tadaima and Okaeri nasai’ greeting with his family. Then this happened T-T

The situation might not be ideal but still, here they are. Together again 



Anonymous asked:

hey ! I just wanted to ask: why was Sakura surprised when she found out Naruto loves her I mean wasn't it pretty obvious?


It’s obvious to us because we saw and heard things Sakura simply didn’t. I mean, we’re inside Naruto’s head a lot, we’ll notice things about his feelings way before the characters do. Heck, we’re more privy to Naruto’s feelings for Sasuke than Sasuke is. Sasuke was so very confused about Naruto’s seemingly misplaced determination/obsession towards him, but we weren’t because we’d seen it playing out in Naruto’s head pretty much since part 2 started. 

With Sakura, it’s kinda the opposite, she was too close to Naruto to see it. His feelings for her were so subtle, they were easy to miss/ignore or be simply passed off as friendship. Sakura didn’t get to see most of the smiles she caused him to make, she rarely ever saw the effect she had on him because she was either not on screen or too busy to notice. 

In the moment of the Promise of a Lifetime, Sakura was way too overcome with her own pain to even begin to see Naruto’s pain which he hid behind that smile he gave her. In fact, there’s a lot of times where Naruto would conceal his pain behind that smile because he didn’t want her to worry about him. Heck, she even did the same thing so she’d at least understand why he’d do that. 

My guess is, she probably did notice it on a subconscious level but couldn’t bring herself to consciously acknowledge it because she probably didn’t feel worthy and didn’t even want to allow herself to think that way. 

When Sai tells her that Naruto loves her, she is shocked, but I think it’s more along the lines of what Sai said brought into focus all the confusing and conflicting emotions that had been brewing in her subconscious. He put to words what she’d probably already suspected but never allowed herself to consciously consider before. She was probably in denial about Naruto’s feelings because of her low self-esteem and low self-image. How could she possibly recognize someone else’s feelings for her when she couldn’t even love herself?  

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