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Sakura and Naruto: Dreams

I was thinking about this a little while ago:




And it occurred to me: this proves/should prove to anyone who believes that NaruSaku is founded solely on Sasuke to be false. And that is because this interaction has literally nothing to do with him, yet it is still so significant in the sense that Sakura is saving Naruto’s life and she is doing it because she cares about his dream. It shows just how much he means to her.

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Chapter 674

Damn, Madara just snatched Kakashi’s eye like it was nothing.

It’s been a while since Sakura faced danger like this! (I actually wasn’t even expecting to see her in this chapter since Kishi often times drags a battle out when Naruto and Sasuke are involved) I’m excited to find out how she gets out of this mess! And this is the second time she’s struggled with a kunai in her hand to cause someone harm, which has put her life in dangerous territory. We all know she’s either using them fists to beat down her enemies, or using medical ninjutsu to save a life. Naruto isn’t here to save her now, which is good because she doesn’t need him to always save her.

There could be something important that she’ll add to Naruto and Sasuke’s battle with Madara. This should be the case already since, ya know, she is the heroine. But Kishi has Naruto and Sasuke fighting together, and we know how that usually goes… Hopefully the three of them work together to fight Madara in the next chapter ^^

Plus, didn’t Madara only manage to teleport half of his body into the inner world? That’s funny.

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